Yarra Hills Secondary College Working Bee March 2011

The Year 9 students at Yarra Hills Secondary College spent a number of periods spreading several truck loads of mulch in preparation for planting out over 300 plants in the Reserve later in the year. The result has been very well commented upon by visitors and regulars that use the Reserve.

All photos of the students at work were taken by Maddie.

Clearing some of the weeds from the side of the inlet waterway

Starting to mulch upstream from the bridge. This extends the area mulched by last year's students

Filling the wheel barrows and bins More mulch being loaded
Raking out the mulch near the rocks Mulching on both sides of the waterway
Getting close to the end of the pile of mulch Still working on the pile of mulch on the Durham Rd side
Mulching finished for the day  
The result of the weeding and mulching along the waterway upstream of the bridge Looking from the same point looking towards the bridge
Before starting with the mulch Mulching of that same area a short time later
Looking across the waterway to the partially spread pile of mulch Looking along the waterway on the Dirham Rd side with the partially spread pile of mulch

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