Pembroke Secondary College Working Bee July 2010

The Year 9 students at Pembroke Secondary College spent a number of periods spreading several truck loads of mulch, and then planting out over 300 plants over 2 sessions. The result has been very well commented upon by visitors and regulars that use the Reserve. The plants are starting to really establish themselves in the various garden beds around the Reserve.

Mulching the central bed

Mulching completed near the bridge, ready for planting

One of the truck loads of mulch being loaded and spread More mulch being loaded and spread
Still more mulch to be loaded into bins and wheel barrows to be spread Getting towards to end of the pile of mulch
A bit of mulch being spread in the central garden bed Spreading mulch along the edge of the inlet water way
More mulch to spread near the bridge Spreading the mulch further along the water way past the buildings
Starting on the plantings and placing plant guards around each plant near the lake overflow More planting along the side of the lake leading towards the bridge
Finishing off some plantings near the bridge Installing some plant protectors near the bridge in the central garden bed
Plant guards being placed on the last of the new plants Looking along the central garden bed towards the BBQ and playground

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