Please read the letter from the Minister For Education that is shown below.

Click this link to see photos of the areas that we would like to see held in community hands if the rest of the campus is sold for housing or some other purpose.

If you want the rear section of the school property, including the oval and the "natural area" adjacent to the Reserve kept in public hands, we need to start being really active with the government as well as the Yarra Ranges Council. It may come down to Council being required to buy that section of the property to keep it as a recreation facility.

The "natural" section of the existing school property looks like it should be part of the Elizabeth Bridge Reserve, but it is not ! That land is a natural extension to the Reserve. Unless we are active in lobbying government and the Yarra Ranges Council, we may soon find that the whole school property becomes a housing estate, with no open land, and no oval for sports or to exercise your dogs etc.

Get active and start pushing NOW for it to be retained as public land.

David Hodgett is our current local member, and a senior member of the current government with several important government roles.

9725 3570 (Croydon Office)

James Merlino is the member for Monbulk, but with the change in electoral boundaries at the November election, he will be the local member for Kilsyth as well. Shadow Minister For Education.

9754 5401 (Belgrave Office)

Len Cox is the current local Shire of Yarra Ranges Councillor

9761 9356

Fiona Mc Allister Mayor - Shire of Yarra Ranges

0408 349 640 0r 9294 6105

Minister for Education


COR 3139


Mr James Merlino

State Member for Monbulk

1635 Burwood Hwy

Belgrave 3160


Dear Mr Merlino


Thank you for your letter making representations on behalf of your constituents regarding the former Cambridge Road Campus of Yarra Hills Secondary College.


The college campus closed in December 2013 and I am advised that the site is no longer required for future educational use and it has been included in the Department of Education and Early Childhood Development's disposal program.


When disposing of sites, the Department is required to work in accordance with the Government Land Monitor's guidelines. A site which is declared as surplus is initially offered to other government departments, then to the local council for purchase at a market price determined by the Valuer-General.


In the event that no other government department nor the local council have an interest in the site, it may be rezoned and offered for sale through public tender or auction.


The Department undertakes a regular grass cutting and maintenance program for former school sites, which includes regular inspections. I am advised that the grass cutting and removal of illegally dumped rubbish was recently undertaken at the site.


I am further advised that the Department is considering demolishing all buildings on the site in an effort to deter vandalism and trespassing.


The Department will continue to monitor the site until a decision is made on its future use.


Yours sincerely



The Hon. Martin Dixon, MP

Minister for Education



(Received by James Merlino on 4 June 2014)

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