Desilting The First Settlement Pond & Inlet Sump

During March to May 2012, Melbourne Water carried out significant desilting works at the inlet sump and the first desilting pond. In addition they removed some of the excessive reed growth near the bridge and near the main lake overflow. This has allowed more water to be available for the many birds that use the lake, and also makes it easier for the many children that visit the Reserve to see and interact with the native bird life.

Melbourne Water's plan for the works The main dredging machine on site Starting to clean out the inlet sump and the start of the settlement pond
The reeds in the settlement pond have been slashed in preparation for the dredging. Starting the initial dredging at the beginning of the settlement pond The settlement pond just after dredging. The ducks were quickly on the water !
Work continuing on the first settlement pond. Work has taken place from the central dividing section with silt and reeds removed and stored Silt draining just past the rock crossover between the fist and second settlement ponds
Road construction to allow removal of the piles of removed silt. A large pile of draining silt at the end of the access road The settlement pond drained of water to allow the rock crossover between the first and second to be reset at the correct level.
Northern end of the drained settlement pond View of the northern end of the first settlement pond and the reset rock crossover The reset rock crossover.
Southern end of the drained settlement pond Looking further along the settlement pond Far end of the settlement pond with outlet drain visible

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