Cleaning Up After Completing Desilting The First Settlement Pond & Inlet Sump

During May 2012, Melbourne Water carried out significant works to bring the settlement pond area at Elizabeth Bridge Reserve back to its previous state. These works included levelling and seeding some of the silt draining areas, and filling in and grassing the access road that was constructed to carry out the various stages of the works and remove the silt. The new open water was rapidly explored by the bird life at the Reserve. We had some very heavy rain during this period and this refilled the settlement pond after the earth works at the cross over to the second settlement pond. It will now take some time with the cooler months for the grass to re-establish.

Heavy rain filled the settlement pond and overflowed over the new rock filter between the first and second ponds for a couple of days. Looking back towards Durham Rd from the outlet end of the first settlement pond Starting to clean up the end of the settlement pond and the new re-laid rock interchange between the 2 ponds
Water over flowing the re-laid rock interchange between the first and second ponds The water birds very quickly moved on to the new open water. The start of rehabilitation works to remove and reseed the access road around the edge of the settlement pond.
An overview of one of the silt storage areas and the end of the settlement pond. Work has taken place to cover the silt storage area and cover and reseed the access road. The rehabilitation of the access road has been completed.
Not much more work required for the large excavator that has been part of the scene at the Reserve for the past few months. The settlement pond in action, looking back towards Durham Rd. The settlement pond looking back towards the Community Garden Center.
View from next to the amphitheatre looking west with the protective fence removed The interchange between the first and second settlement ponds with the silt trap fence in place, and the protective fence removed. The new higher barrier between the inlet sump from the road and the outlet of the second settlement pond to stop excessive storm flows from going directly into the main lake
Near final works near the entry sump A view up the first settlement pond with the road re-instated, the area seeded, and the silt traps in place.  

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